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Look at Kiriyan, so beautiful and radiant… And perfect!

Ok I know I’m just a mortal human to know what the supreme members of takarazuka (who the hell decide this things)… Er… You know, these people who decide when the top stars will retire or who will be the new top star, etc. 

So, I know I can’t even imagine what the hell they think but, 28 months? Really? It’s so soon! Every day I look the top star chart and I can’t understand why someone like her just stay 28 F. months. Come on, Kiriyan is brilliant! 

I try to think that she will leave because she want, and confort myself.


Who knows? Maybe I can have the answer some day: Why some amazing top stars retire too soon? u_u

Yeah I know, bad english and stuff… Sorry. 

I do believe she retires because she wants to. She was looking way too tired lately; this top stardom clearly has been taking a lot out of her.

Don’t most Top Stars look like they have the life sapped out of them by the end of their Top Star career?  Yeah my sentiments too.  And don’t forget Kiriyan made Top relatively late too.  Add her pre-Top and her Top years together, the girl has spent 17 years in Zuka already. 17 years of brutal dancing, lifting, rehearsals, mentoring, etc. I would say 28 months is more than enough for her.

Yeah I know. I think you are right. 

It’s just cause I was thinkin if there’s a chance of the retirement be a decision of superiors. (I read that Asami Hikaru has retired because of pression from superiors, for example. But I don’t know if it is true.) 

Then I see 66 months of Haruno Sumire and think that Kiriyan deserves more time.

But I think you are right 17 years of hard work is really much. ^^ I hope Tomu stay more time. She became top star late too. =/

Well its all speculation on our part anyway. ^^

But I won’t be surprised if some decisions were indeed heavily influenced by the higher-ups.  After all, someone has to step down if someone else is to be promoted. Or some retirements could even simply be due to health problems.

These people in the singing and dance business, its not uncommon to hear of people forced to retire because of re-occurring vocal, foot or back injuries or the like.  They just don’t make it known for a Top Star ‘cos going out on an injury doesn’t sound very impressive at your retirement speech, does it? XD

Not at all. ^^ I know, this type of lesions are complicated, dancers and athletes suffer a lot with it… Dunno, the life is complicated! xD I’m ok now thinking that she had her time after all. I don’t have the DVDs of her shows, maybe this is making me think that We can have more of Kiriyan hahaha. u_u

Anyway I wish her happiness in post-zuka career or anything she wants to do after retire. 

I hope I have money enough some day to buy all shows of her. ^^

By the way, where we can see retirement speechs?

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