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Look at Kiriyan, so beautiful and radiant… And perfect!

Ok I know I’m just a mortal human to know what the supreme members of takarazuka (who the hell decide this things)… Er… You know, these people who decide when the top stars will retire or who will be the new top star, etc. 

So, I know I can’t even imagine what the hell they think but, 28 months? Really? It’s so soon! Every day I look the top star chart and I can’t understand why someone like her just stay 28 F. months. Come on, Kiriyan is brilliant! 

I try to think that she will leave because she want, and confort myself.


Who knows? Maybe I can have the answer some day: Why some amazing top stars retire too soon? u_u

Yeah I know, bad english and stuff… Sorry. 

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posted on February 22, 2012